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Guest Blogger: Scarlet Hyacinth

Lucas Black, a famous author, finds himself struggling with writer's block. As he falls further and further into his obsession, his lover Simon breaks up with him. Depressed, Luc prays for a muse and is surprised when his prayers are actually answered in the person of a young man named Dury, who claims to be Luc's plot bunny. Dury is everything Luc shouldn't like, eccentric, mysterious, and far too beautiful. But in spite of his doubts, Luc cannot help but feel an increasing affection for Dury.

After his painful separation from Luc, Simon Roth is unable to continue sculpting. Seeing his ex on the street with someone else only serves to reopen old wounds. To his shock, that someone -- a mysterious man named Dury -- begins to stalk him, pushing Simon to contact Luc once again. Simon realizes with dismay that Dury's gentle coaxing reaches out to a deep part of him, one he'd thought reserved for his lost love, Luc.

Even as the two artists acknowledge their feelings for each other, they understand they have both fallen for Dury as well. Dury, however, hasn't told them everything. His secrets may well be the death of them all.

Interview with Scarlet Hyacinth

1.) You have so many releases! How many words do you write a day?

I write as the inspiration strikes me. Sometimes I'm simply stumped, other times I can write up to 5000 words/day. I've been known to write more, ironically before I published my first book. But I've learned that sometimes, it's better not to force oneself and take a break if you're stuck.

2.) Is it true that the majority of m/m romance readers are women?

I think it depends on the book and on each writing style. Writers within the genre are very different, some male, some female, some writing fantasy, other contemporary or historical. There are certain stories that mostly drawn female audiences. Mine, for example :). But I have no doubt that there are also male readers who read these books.

3.) What do find important when writing from a male POV?

Writing any POV is all about emotion. So with men, you have to empathize with their desires and what they'd think or want. Of course, in romance books, this is often painted pink. I'm not sure how many males would declare their love openly and be so dedicated. But it's important to keep it as realistic as possible.

4.) Do you think cover art plays an important role for ebooks?

Definitely. Especially for readers who are not familiar with your work, a good cover can make all the difference in the world. Lots of eye candy and a beautiful design can attract the eye to your book, and therefore make for a purchase.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I am currently working on the fifth book from my Deadly Mates series, on the second book in my Bloodkin series, Lover's Obsession, as well as on the second book in my Guardians series, Schadenfreude.

The first book in the Guardians series, The Plot Bunny, will come out from Silver Publishing on the 26th of March. It is a very special book for me, and I hope the readers will enjoy it a lot. The entire Guardians series is a menage m/m/m paranormal and fantasy rotating around the concept of creation and involving different types of artists, from writers to singers.

The first book in my Bloodkin series, Bed and Breakfast, will be out somewhere in May, also from Silver. It is a fantasy BDSM m/m series, and probably as you can tell, it has some "vampirical" aspects. I have two more releases from Silver Publishing, Awakenings and Artie the Good Witch. with Awakenings being my first foray into twincest and Artie my first attempt at writing comedy.

My next release is in a couple of days, from Siren Publishing. It's called Mending Shattered Souls and it's the fourth book in my Kaldor Saga series. Of course, in the future, I'll continue writing Kaldor, Deadly Mates, finish Bloodkin and all the other projects currently on hold. Hopefully :D.

Thank you for inviting me to be interviewed.

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