Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Choosing Love Now on Pre-Order!

Available March 23rd

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, sex toys]

Cal has hidden his true feelings from Waylon for years, not willing to jeopardize their friendship. After a night of drunken passion, the truth finally comes out. While Cal learns to accept his true nature, Waylon is afraid to risk alienating his family. Will he live in denial or choose love?

With the help of their sexy history teacher, Evan, the three men learn that love has no boundaries. But are evenings filled with hot sex enough to forge a lasting ménage?



Fire sparked in Waylon’s eyes and, without warning, he kissed Cal—passionately. He nearly fell back against the closed door but caught his footing in time, and Waylon’s strong arms were around him in an instant. His cock pulsed and thickened knowing that Evan watched from his perch on the desk. He closed his eyes and surrendered to the advance, kissing back, nipping, tasting. Waylon reached between them, rubbing his hand over the bulge in Cal’s jeans.
“Use my desk, boys. I’d love to watch the both of you in action.” Evan’s voice faintly registered in Cal’s mind. Soon Waylon was escorting him toward the desk, barely breaking their kiss along the way. Every nerve in Cal’s body fired hot with erotic need when his boyfriend undid his pants, letting them drop to his knees. He grabbed Waylon’s cock, pumping it in his fist, enjoying the wide girth of hard flesh. Cal undid his own pants, eager to get fucked before he lost his mind. When he turned to face the desk, Waylon spun him back around.
“You’re gonna fuck me, Cal.”
“What?” He’d never entered Waylon. He’d lost his virginity, but in a sense, Waylon had not. Cal just assumed that his boyfriend wanted to dominate, didn’t want to be penetrated, and he was okay with that. The mere idea of fucking Waylon’s beautiful, firm round ass nearly made him come on the spot.
“Evan taught me about give and take. I want to do this, Cal. I have to do this.”
Cal turned his head and looked at Evan sitting beside them, less than a foot away. With both their cocks bare and bobbing with desire, they were in full view for a virtual stranger. Their teacher no less. The openness between them all made him so hot, so fucking horny, he’d die if he didn’t release his load soon.
Waylon leaned over the desk on his elbows, his bare ass ready and waiting. Cal rubbed the smooth, muscled mounds while looking Evan in the eye. The teacher opened a drawer beside him and held up a tube of lube.
“Here. Rub it in.” Evan squeezed some lube into Cal’s palm. He did as told, rubbing the salve along Waylon’s crack, making the man groan, and penetrated him with his finger to distribute the moisture. “Your cock, too.” Then Evan’s lube covered hand was around Cal’s shaft, rubbing and pumping. He closed his eyes, his head lolling back on his shoulders from the onslaught of wicked sensations. A new hand caressed him, and he was about to penetrate Waylon for the first time. How much stimulation could one man handle?
Waylon peered at them from the side, frowning as he watched Evan stroking Cal. “What about me?”
“Okay, Cal, go slow,” urged Evan. Evan aimed the head of Cal’s cock at Waylon’s tight rosette. Properly coated with moisture, he pressed in. His urge to thrust full force was difficult to rein in, but he managed to embed himself to the hilt with a firm, but gentle pressure. Once fully seated, he exhaled. Waylon’s breathing came in shallow gasps, but he took Cal’s cock like a man without wimping out.
“You okay, Waylon?”
“Yeah. This is good,” he muttered, a hint of hesitation in his words.
Cal felt him clench around his cock. Being connected with the man he loved was comparable to nothing in the world. It didn’t matter who did the fucking. It was the same bond between them. “I want to fuck you so bad,” Cal groaned. “You sure you’re okay?”
“Why don’t I help?” offered Evan, his eyes dark and flirty. Cal would agree to anything about now with his cock throbbing to the point of pain. Evan pulled off his T-shirt, his body toned and tanned an even golden hue. Then he unzipped and lost his pants. His cock was ripe for fucking, pre-cum slipping off the tip.
“You’re not fucking Cal,” ordered Waylon.
“Of course not. You get to be the meat in our sandwich.” Evan winked at Cal. “It’ll be easier on you if you get to fuck while being fucked—for your first time, anyway.”
“Whatever. Hurry up because I can’t hold back much longer.” Cal began to grind his hips, pushing deeper into Waylon, desperate to begin thrusting.
Evan passed Cal the lube and leaned over the desk beside Waylon.
“Put a condom on me, Cal.” Cal’s heart filled with love knowing that Waylon wanted him fucking his ass bareback, but insisted Evan use protection.
Cal was on cloud nine, raking his eyes over the two delicious men. With both hands free, his dick still embedded in Waylon’s ass, he reached down and pulled a condom from his pocket and sheathed Waylon. He then poured lube into one hand. He bent forward, reaching around to coat his friend’s hard cock and then directed him to mount their teacher. Once in position, they both aimed at Evan’s waiting asshole.
Evan groaned, an erotic sound that echoed in the small room. Waylon wasn’t gentle as he’d been for Cal’s first time. He thrust in, holding the man’s hips securely. Cal followed suit, pulling out and plunging back in. They worked as a team, a finely tuned mass of male muscle and strength with one united goal.

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