Monday, May 2, 2011

First Review for CHOOSING LOVE!


A strong debut novel from Winona Wilder, she packs quite a punch in this highly emotional short story. It didn't take many pages before I felt myself drawn into Cal and Waylon's world.

Cal has been in love with Waylon for years. But Waylon is the star quarterback at their college and is dating one of the most popular girls in school. Resigned to being in the "just friends" column, he keeps his feelings to himself. Cal is afraid to come out to even his best friend after being disowned and kicked out of the house by his mother and stepfather.

Waylon is the "big man on campus" but he is keeping a secret: He is in love with his best friend Cal. While out on a double date, Cal gets drunk and when Waylon pulls him outside to sober him up, the two kiss. When their dates come outside to see what has happened to them Cal runs away. Both guys are afraid of rejection and won't admit their feelings, and this puts a strain on their friendship.

When Evan, their History teacher, confronts the two because of their slipping grades in his class, it's just to be helpful, but turns into so much more. Evan is an openly gay man and tries to encourage the two younger men to admit their feelings, at least to each other. He never planned on falling in love with them.

Just when Cal finds the courage to be open on campus, the unthinkable happens and he pays a terrible price. It will take both the men in his life get him to choose love.

I am so impressed when an author can create a world and tell a story with such depth in so few pages. This could have been a true story on any college campus. I do have to admit that I was a little skeeved out with Evan at first, but in the end I was completely into their relationship. I also had trouble with the fact that there was not even a mention of Evan losing his teaching job by being involved with two students.

CHOOSING LOVE brought to light some of the very real issues that openly gay students (people) have to deal with. I will definitely be choosing the next book in this series.


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