Sunday, August 14, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday!

These six are from my upcoming release:

LOVING TYLER (Coming Out, #3)

 "I don't judge others."

 "You're a rarity then.  Even I judge by appearances without realizing it."  He had to fight back the urge to fix a lock of Marcus's hair, to run the backs of his fingers along his strong jaw. "Like when I first saw you.  I only saw the suit."


Anonymous said...

Great six! I want to get to know the characters better. Great job.

Anonymous said...

sure he did - only saw the suit - very nice!

Dee Carney said...

Nice characterization. Love the six!

Claire Gillian said...

I love those little loving gestures, whether acted upon or only considered as in your story's case.

Incidental Expenses said...

Good six. Good writing.