Thursday, April 26, 2012

ALPHA BEAR Coming Soon!

ALPHA BEAR (Northern Shifters, 2) COMING MAY 25th


Blake feels lost after his best friend settles down with a mate. They were both initiated into the Marcelle wolf pack as orphans, but now it’s only Blake without a past or future. He has a spark of hope when his alpha mentions a buried box that could contain the answers he seeks. 

The only problem—the box is deep in bear territory. 

When Gage meets a foreign bear near his bathing pond, he’s immediately attracted to dark-haired stranger. They engage in a passionate love affair, only to question their relationship when the lust settles. Blake’s different customs continually rouse Gage’s suspicions. Is he a human, bear, or a wolf trespassing on their land? 

 Can an alpha bear and wolf bridge the gap in their worlds for the sake of love? Will the contents of the buried box bring them closer or tear them apart? 

 EXCERPT (unedited):

He stood up, a mix of emotion tugging him in two directions. His cock demanded he get the other bear alone, providing ample opportunities for intimacy. Yet his head said he barely knew this man and shouldn’t give into a handsome face so easily. Love and lust were to very different beasts, and he didn’t want to face disappointment if things didn’t go the way he planned.
“I don’t know...”
Blake came closer until near enough to touch. He stood a couple inches shorter, but few men matched Gage’s size as alpha bear. Still, Blake was not small. He had broad shoulders and defined muscles earned from hard work. Every ripple of muscle was prominent, even at rest. Everything about him was a temptation.
Blake reached out and felt a section of Gage’s hair between a thumb and two fingers. As Blake touched him, he also kept quiet, as if enraptured by the simple contact. It was more than a touch. It was everything. A silent acceptance of their mirrored attraction.
“Or we can stay right here. I did enough walking yesterday to last me a month.” Blake let his hand slip from his hair to the scruff on his face. He cupped Gage’s jaw with affection, his eyes holding a deep-seated yearning. Blake may not be an alpha, but he had a dominant quality that made Gage eager to earn his approval. If only the other bear knew how much his every touch registered for him. He could feel his cock thickening, electricity scattering along his skin.
Gage opened his mouth to speak, but the pad of Blake’s thumb smoothing over his lower lip silenced him. The other man licked his own lips, the moisture darkening the dry flesh. Gage wanted to kiss him, to lose himself to the passion of the moment. Should he dare? This could be their little secret considering he’d probably never meet this foreign bear again. No one would be the wiser. But he knew he wanted so much more.
“You’re not really my type,” said Blake. “I usually go for blonds, ones smaller than me.”
The opposite of Gage. He knew his features were dark, masculine, and anything but delicate. It twisted his heart to know he was second best to Blake, a man to be tolerated, rather than fully appreciated.
“Then why are you looking at me like that?” It must be about sex, like all those encounters Blake claimed to have at the bar most nights. He was a number, a nameless fuck to be forgotten by sunrise.
Blake used both hands now. “You’ve got broad shoulders,” he said, squeezing his biceps, his eyes roaming over his body. “And hard muscle.” He smoothed his hands down his arms until he reached his midriff. Gage wasn’t expecting him to encircle his waist and tug him closer. His erection slammed into Blake’s stomach, embarrassing him for a moment.
“Hush.” Blake squeezed Gage’s ass with both hands. A man had never touched him this way, nobody had. “What I was going to say was that I’ve never wanted another man more. It’s more than just how you look, it’s everything—the way you smell, move, even the sound of your voice. Every detail pulls me in. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was the mating call. That’s how strong it is for me. Can you feel it, too, Gage?”
The sound of his name on Blake’s lips was the final straw. He thrust his hips slightly forward, needing to feel the man’s skin rub against his cock. He wasn’t disappointed. The brief friction ignited countless dormant cells. He was drowning in all the sweet words, the ones he so desperately wanted to hear.
“I should never have revealed myself to you,” he murmured. But he knew it had been the best thing he’d done in a long time. Blake was like a ray of sunlight to his shadowed existence.
“But you’re glad you did.” Blake smirked, and it was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. Then he reached low and seized Gage’s cock in a firm fist. He gasped, not used to being fondled. Still, he didn’t pull back.
Gage nodded, his eyes drifting shut as he concentrated on the feel of another man’s hand slowly stroking his cock. It was delicious, an experience he wanted to relive every night of his life. They were out in the open where any number of lower shifters could be watching. The mere thought was titillating, making his balls ache.
“You’re bigger than I’ve ever seen,” said Blake. “You may just break me if I let you fuck me.”
Once he said it aloud, a switch seemed to flip in Gage’s head. His feral tendencies began to surface—lust, base desires, aggression. He wanted to mate. Now. Gage could feel his alpha bear clawing within him, demanding he claim the other man. His beast knew what it wanted, and it wanted Blake for its mate. But this wasn’t about mating, just a casual encounter, innocent sexual experimentation.
“You look strong enough to me. I should be the one to worry considering you have all the experience.”
“But I’m not cruel. Not without cause.” Blake let his dick rub against his. “You’ll be a treat for me. And I’ll make you a man.”
Gage didn’t know if that should be a compliment or insult. What were Blake’s intentions? He’d always cursed his innocence but suddenly wondered if he should be giving it away so easily.
“And tomorrow?”
“Tomorrow’s another day. Think about how good it will feel when I sink my cock into your tight, little ass.”
His bear agreed, needed release and nothing further. It was the human in Gage that craved more than basic instinct, more than a fleeting arousal. But it was too late to turn back now. He gave in to the waves of heat and lust crashing through his body. After a deep inhale of breath to vanquish his misgivings, he leaned forward and kissed Blake on the mouth.

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