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Guest Blogger: Kastil Eavenshade!

Talbot Sauvageot has kept his wicked lifestyle underground for several years, going from one lover to the next. Decedent rake to females by day, passionate lover for his latest male companion at night. When he is forced to flee Paris or face the guillotine, Talbot realizes none of the men he has bedded over the past years burns at his soul like his dear friend Maxime LaRue.

Forced into seclusion in the forest of Bois de Lunor, he receives an invitation from Maxime for their yearly gathering at his estate in Varanguebec. One that Talbot has avoided the past few years. Refusing to submit to a life without love, Talbot schemes to discover if his childhood friend shares the same taste in pleasure as he.

Will Maxime submit to Talbot’s ploy or cast his friend in the shadow of death?

Be Warned: m/m sex, forced seduction, rimming, multiple partners.


At the end of the hall, Talbot leaned against the stone wall. He teetered to one side as he down the last of the amber liquid in his bottle. Maxime frowned. He wanted his friend sober for their conversation. His friend’s head swiveled and Maxime stared into Talbot’s icy blue eyes.

The oppressive heat of the upper level accented by the high sun had Maxime sucking in a deep breath. He tried to rationalize that the thick air left him short of breath and not the way Talbot’s shirt lay open. Beads of sweat glistened on his bare chest.


“You cannot marry her, Maxime.” The bottle slipped from Talbot’s fingers. It clanked on the floor but did not shatter. He stumbled along the wall.

“I have no choice.” He tensed as the smell of alcohol hit his nose.

“There is always a choice.” Talbot came inches from his face.

Maxime pressed against the wall, his gaze never leaving Talbot’s. “Non, my friend. I must marry. It will not lessen our friendship. I will always welcome you under my roof.”

“Even if a rake like me invades your bedchamber?”

Maxime let out a nervous laugh, the heat of Talbot’s skin searing his flesh. “I trust you, mon ami. You have been in many beds but none were married women.”

“It is not your future wife that should be cautious.” Talbot claimed his mouth and Maxime groaned against the invasion.

The taste of the cognac mixed with the sweet elixir of Talbot, and Maxime deepened the kiss.  It was a maddening urge, one Maxime wanted to resist, but he couldn’t deny the intense desire his longtime friend sparked within him. All the women they pillaged together as they toured the countryside, the gentle camaraderie slaps of congratulation at every plucked maiden, nothing compared to the need Talbot drew out of him. Maxime jerked away, gasping for air.

“This is not the way of it, Talbot. We are heavy with drink.”

“You are not drunk, mon ami. You never were.” Talbot’s hand slipped down the front of Maxime’s pants. “The wine was always for me so that I could love you as you wanted to love me.”

Maxime, his member thickened from their sinful kiss, responded to his friend’s intimate touch. He palmed Talbot’s hand to urge his friend on. All the women he had entered to prove his manhood to his father and friends, in the presence of Talbot his thoughts wandered into more decadent flesh. When he thrust into the mewing offerings of the willing daughters of men, he never saw the wondrous glow of pale fleshy orbs but the soft downy hairs gracing Talbot’s chiseled chest.

“Do not deny me again, Maxime. Your cock will always tell the truth.” Talbot breathed into his ear and flicked his tongue along the lobe.


Maxime reared up and shoved Talbot away at the sound of Marcel’s voice. His father had come home before the ink even dried on his letter. Shame bore into Maxime’s flesh as he adjusted his clothing. “I must go greet him.” His gaze stayed to the cold stone floor, unwilling to peer into Talbot’s eyes. His footfalls echoed off the walls. At the bottom of the stairs, Maxime forced a smile at the sight of his father. Beside him stood two stocky men—both bearing the mark of the magistrate from Paris. Maxime’s father started forward but halted in his tracks.

The light step of Talbot sounded behind Maxime and his father’s demeanor changed.

“What is he doing here?” He pointed a frail finger toward Talbot, venom spewing from his lips.

“He is my guest, Father, as he is most summers.”

“I should have come home at once when I heard this whore disappeared in Paris.” His father hacked and wheezed. The physical signs of his failing health were etched in the lines cut deep in his face. Even so, the old man bore an angry red glow on his cheeks. “This man is wanted in Paris for sodomy. I hope you did not let the lecherous fool get you cup sodden so he could to defile you as if you were a woman.”

“He has done no such thing, I—”

“Enough!” Another bout of lung-jarring coughing rasped from his father’s chest. “I will hear no more. At dawn, you will defend the honor of this house against this fornicator in a duel.” He gestured to the two men beside him. “Take him upstairs in chains and lock him in his room for now. The guillotine is too clean of a death for him. I will have a word with my son alone.”
Maxime’s heart lodged in his throat, threatening to constrict what precious air he could suck in. If Maxime had the choice of his friend’s death, Talbot would be whisked away back to Paris to face the guillotine rather than die at the hands of his new lover. Instead, his father demanded his son gun down his dearest friend. The long buried longing for his best friend throughout his childhood thundered in his chest. He had to find a way to save his friend from his fate.

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Guest Blogger: Rebecca Brochu

Shangri-La, 1

In a world where one is either the ruler or the ruled, Enforcer Josiah Marx takes a case and finds himself drawn to Rafe Zweil, a submissive with a complicated past. Josiah has given up on finding love, but the new man sparks new feelings and brings out the dominant in him.

Can the two overcome all the obstacles that stand between them to find love in the Land of Fire?

Be Warned: BDSM, m/m sex, spanking, rimming.


“Shit!”  Josiah immediately holsters his gun, wraps one hand around Rafe’s shoulder and spins him around until they’re face to face.  Anger flares through him, anger at himself for not recognizing the other male sooner, anger at Rafe for not being where he was supposed to be in the first place.  It all comes spilling out of him before he can think twice about it.
    “What in the fuck were you doing?  What in the hell possessed you to leave the apartment?  I’ve seen your test scores, Zweil, so you’ve got no excuse for acting like a fucking idiot!”
    Josiah shakes Rafe hard once before letting go of the submissive as if burned.  Raking a hand through his blond hair he stalks towards the nearest switch and turns the dial all the way up until the apartment is flooded with light.  In the now bright room he can see Rafe’s face clearly, can see an anger that matches his own rising up in the man, which is at odds with the mostly meek behavior he’s shown to Josiah since they’ve been together.
    “I wasn’t aware that I was a prisoner, Marx, or that you’re apparently my warden.  Although I suppose that was a foolish assumption to make.  After all a cage is still a cage even if the bars are pretty this time around.”
    “Damn it all to hell, Rafe, that’s not what I meant and you fucking know it!”
    “Are you sure about that, Josiah?  Do you really not want to keep me locked away, hidden from the outside world like every-fucking-body else seems to?”
    Josiah has no control over himself as he lunges forward, buries one hand in Rafe’s silky hair and yanks the submissive forward.  Their lips meet harshly, all teeth and no finesse and Josiah runs his tongue roughly along the seam of Rafe’s mouth, a pleased growl rumbling in his chest when the he opens for him.  Josiah sweeps inside, his tongue tangling hotly with Rafe’s even as he begins to crowd the submissive against the nearest wall.
    They fit together perfectly, the long lean plains of Rafe’s body slotting into the more thickly muscled valleys of Josiah’s as if they’d been carved from the same single piece of stone, broken and divided and only now reunited.  Josiah groans low in his throat at the feel of Rafe pressed against him and his cock hardens instantly at the combined sensations of touch and taste.  Rafe echoes his groan and the sound of pleasure from the submissive doubles Josiah’s arousal, making him helpless to do anything but press closer, driving their bodies together and Rafe further against the wall.
    Their tongues slide against and around each other, spit slick and eager to taste, to consume one another.  Josiah knew it would be like this, knew it would be perfect and all-consuming the moment he laid eyes on Rafe.  His hand loosens its tight grip in Rafe’s hair and slides slowly through the cool, thick locks to curl firmly around the back of the submissive’s neck, unable to control the impulse to completely dominate the other male.  Rafe breaks the kiss, gasping for air and moaning openly as his head tips back, pressing deeper into the grip on his neck and exposing his throat and collar to Josiah’s hungry gaze.
    It’s an instinctual move, the desire to show off for a dominant, the urge to entice a fitting and worthy partner with his unclaimed status, and the sight of it has Josiah practically snarling in victory.  Rafe wants him as well, wants to be claimed on some level as much as Josiah wants to be the one doing the claiming.  If he didn’t, if their desires didn’t match to some degree, Rafe would not respond so beautifully, would not be showing off his collar and trying to entice Josiah into claiming him.
    His hand tightens slightly, as his head dips down until he can taste Rafe’s neck, can rack teeth and tongue across the tempting expanse, and suck tiny bruises into the vulnerable skin.  He runs his tongue across the smooth surface of the collar, tongue flirting with the inlaid rubies and dragging lightly across the sensitive area where silver meets skin.  Rafe bucks against him and Josiah tightens his hand in reprimand, pleased and aroused when he can actually feel Rafe’s knees weaken at the silent command even as the submissive obeys and stills.
    Josiah pulls himself away from the mesmerizing taste and feel of Rafe, dragging his lips and tongue up across the exposed side of his neck so that he can whisper hotly in the submissive’s ear.
    “Such a good boy, Rafe, such a sweet, beautiful boy.  You were made to be ruled, made for me to own.”
    He claims Rafe’s mouth in another searing kiss, reveling in the breathless gasp and shaky moan it prompts.
    “You’ll be so pretty for me, won’t you?  So sweet and delicious when I have you begging, wanting what only I can give you.  I can’t wait to have you bare and spread open before me.”
    Rafe shudders, a full body tremor that Josiah can feel perfectly, and it goes straight to his cock.  He urges Rafe’s arms above his head with his free hand before grasping them both tightly and pinning them back against the wall.  He feels Rafe go still against him, the tiny, almost unnoticed rocking of his hips stopping abruptly, but it doesn’t really register with him, doesn’t penetrate the fog of lust and need that’s slowly taking him over.
    “P-Please, Josiah.”
    The plea comes out quietly, almost too quietly, and when Josiah hears it he takes it as a plea for more, more touch, more sensation.  Just more.  So he rocks his body against Rafe’s again as he mouths at the sensitive skin behind his ear.  He loves the feel of his cock rubbing against the submissive’s, even muted as it is by the multiple layers of leather and cloth.  It’s a heady feeling, something he wants more of even though it’s enough to drive him mad.  He wants Rafe bare, wants to feel all of that silky skin against his own as he takes the other man down and apart.
    “Oh the things I’ll make you do.  I’ll make you love me and what I can give you."

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Guest Blogger: Hero by K. Williams


Aaron is a soldier preparing to deploy for the first time. During the process, he meets Oliver. There is an instant connection. The entire time that Aaron is overseas, the two continue to think of each other and wonder what could have been.
Upon Aaron’s return, fate brings the two together again. Lust ignites a beautiful love.  However, in the army change is bound to happen and relationships are put to the test. Hero follows the story of a brave couple facing the challenges of a military relationship.

Be Warned: m/m sex, sex toys, voyeurism


“Do I get a chance for a second date?” Aaron asked.
Oliver gripped the handle of the driver’s side door of his silver Prius. “Yeah, I’d like that.”
Oliver became suddenly aware of how close Aaron was to him. The tall soldier put his hand on Oliver’s hip. “I’m glad,” he said. His voice, eyes, his whole demeanor was seductive.
Oliver didn’t feel like he could breathe. He could feel the heat coming from the man. He wanted Aaron to kiss him. “You…you could kiss me,” he whispered, surprising himself.
Aaron smiled and gently caressed Oliver’s cheek. Oliver felt himself getting lightheaded as those full lips approached his. When they kissed, Oliver’s knees went weak. His lips parted and Aaron’s tongue gently probed into his mouth. Being in Aaron’s arms was everything Oliver had imagined it would be. He was sure that if Aaron asked, he would do anything the soldier wanted right there in the parking lot.
Aaron pulled away from the kiss and Oliver followed, stumbling forward into Aaron’s arms. Oliver could feel himself blushing. He finally regained the ability to stand on his own and stumbled back against his car door.
“You’re damn cute,” Aaron said. He kissed Oliver’s forehead. “Can I get your number?”
Oliver rattled off the digits, still feeling a bit lightheaded
Aaron smiled. “You have a good night, sweetheart.”
Aaron kept the mental image of Oliver after their first kiss in his mind as he settled down to sleep. For the first time since returning home, he slept with no nightmares.
He felt invigorated the next morning and got in an excellent work out. He was feeling so good that he called his mother. He knew she’d been worrying about him after the week he’d spent visiting on leave. He hoped that she felt better after their conversation. Aaron didn’t want his mother to worry. He didn’t mention Oliver to her yet, feeling it was too soon for that. When he hung up the phone, he was confident that his mom would be reassured.
Aaron took advantage of his good mood and started to run errands. He got his hair cut and went grocery shopping for the first time since getting back. He watched the clock. He didn’t want to call Oliver while the young man was at work and he also didn’t want to appear desperate. He decided that sometime in the evening would be best. It was hard not to stare at his watch as the minutes ticked by. Aaron was anxious to set up another date. His mind was glued on the little moments from the night before, like how his skin tingled when their fingers brushed over the chips and salsa and how Oliver had blushed at that every time, even when it became clear Aaron was doing it on purpose. There was something in Oliver’s eyes and the way he smiled that made Aaron feel like a human being again, instead of just some pawn in a war that was bigger than him.
Oliver spent the entire day wondering if Aaron would actually call. After getting off work, he turned the ringer on his cell phone all the way up, just so he wouldn’t miss the call. Around six, he got a little nervous. He felt a bit foolish, waiting for the call like he was. Aaron hadn’t specified that he would be calling today. Oliver knew he shouldn’t get all worked up.
He couldn’t figure out what it was Aaron saw in him. The man was undeniably gorgeous and yet had ignored the advances of the man at the next table to the point that Oliver wondered if Aaron had noticed it at all. Aaron had a way of making Oliver feel comfortable, which was no easy task. Then, there was that wonderful kiss that had absolutely swept Oliver away. He had to admit, he’d had his head in the clouds ever since, but it was time to come down. Oliver didn’t think the call would be coming.
Just when he was about to give up, his phone rang.

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Release Date for Northern Shifters #2

[Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA]

Blake feels lost after his best friend settles down with a mate. They were both initiated into the Marcelle wolf pack as orphans, but now it’s only Blake without a past or future. He has a spark of hope when his alpha mentions a buried box that could contain the answers he seeks.

The only problem—the box is deep in bear territory.

When Gage meets a foreign bear near his bathing pond, he’s immediately attracted to the dark-haired stranger. They engage in a passionate love affair, only to question their relationship when the lust settles. Blake’s different customs continually rouse Gage’s suspicions. Is he a human, bear, or a wolf trespassing on their land?

Can an alpha bear and wolf bridge the gap in their worlds for the sake of love? Will the contents of the buried box bring them closer or tear them apart?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Winona Wilder is a Siren-exclusive author.


Blake had survived the night in his little alcove. As soon as the morning light woke him, he restarted his search for the prospector’s cabin Redden spoke of. It couldn’t be too much farther now.
He stopped when he reached a spring-fed pond. It was clear and fresh and likely freezing cold. The crystal clear water tempted him, reminding him how thirsty he was from all his frequent exertion. Blake bent over for a drink, still cautious not to shift and give off the scent of the enemy.
“You don’t belong here.” The voice came from his right side. It was the deepest baritone he’d heard in a long time. It had a gravelly, masculine quality that grabbed his attention.
When he turned to look, there was a man watching him. He hadn’t even heard him approach, which he mentally scolded himself for.
The stranger was a god. He had a rustic appeal, with dark hair, and muscle upon muscle packed onto his large frame. Blake swallowed hard, rising to his feet. He may have been attracted to pretty boys in the past, but all that had changed in the span of two seconds. Part of him determined the man must be a bear shifter, while the other part said it was just one of those loggers or hunters who frequented the bar back home. It was odd being so close to a taller man, one with shoulders broad enough to swallow his shadow from the early morning light. As a Marcelle he was used to being the largest, the one to be reckoned with. Now he felt smaller than a mouse and wasn’t sure how that made him feel. The longer the man stared at him, the more he realized it made him feel hot. Hot and bothered.
“I’m just passing through. Looking for a cabin that’s supposed to be at the base of the Three Mountains.”
“That’s another hour from here. What business do you have there? Where’s your camping party?”
“Just me.” He held his breath, wondering who this man was and if he saw him as a threat. The guy could snap him in two if he wanted, but he stood still, his bulky body rooted in place.
“What are you called?”
“Do you mean, what’s my name?”
The man nodded once.
“Blake.” He almost mentioned the Marcelle Pack name. It was right on the tip of his tongue, as he was a proud member, but he stopped himself. If this was a bear, he’d know the name was associated with wolves. If he was human, he would be suspicious with the talk of packs.
“I’m called Gage.”
Gage’s eyes were black orbs, so deep he could drown in them. He had a penetrating stare, a quiet strength unlike anything Blake had ever experienced before. Although he’d come across some bad-ass wolves in his days, they had nothing on this man’s intimidating presence. Was Blake delirious from lack of sleep and proper food? Or was he more pent up than he expected, even finding this rustic stranger desirable?
“Great. Do you think you could point me in the right direction?”
The man stepped closer and then circled him, moving like a predator. He had over a week’s worth of scruff on his face, a light sprinkling of hair on his defined pecs, and a dark trail leading to a very well-hung cock. Nothing about Gage should register with his libido. He’d always gone for the blond, lean-muscled men who he could dominate. Now all he wanted was to be owned by this brute of a man.
“You’re unusual,” said Gage. “Where are your clothes?” He acted as if Blake was an alien, something he’d never encountered.
“Where are yours?”
Gage scowled, continuing to look him over as if he were an object he wanted to own. Did he want to be owned, claimed? Unfortunately the dark-haired god made controlling his raw sexuality an impossibility. His cock thickened as it hardened, protruding from his body. There was just something about the man’s voice and the way he looked at him that nearly brought Blake to his knees. He turned away, but Gage circled him until they were facing again. With no clothing, he settled for a poor attempt of cupping his genitals to keep them partially hidden.
“You’re aroused?”
He exhaled. “You’re not too bad on the eyes, and it’s been a long night.” It felt odd admitting he was attracted to a stranger. He rarely felt the pull from another male, which was why he hadn’t fucked around in so long.
“But you’re a male.”
Gage made a sound that was a mix between a groan and a growl. Whatever it was, it made Blake’s balls pull up high against his body. He couldn’t stop imagining what Gage would look like when fully erect. Even flaccid, he was magnificent. He’d already decided Gage was too comfortable with his nudity to be human. But was this man actually a bear? Blake had never actually met one in person, only heard the stories. Despite his size and strength, Gage wasn’t scary and foreboding like he’d imagined. Besides a lack of refinement, he seemed harmless enough. Maybe a bit stiff, lacking a carefree edge, but he wasn’t the monster he expected.
Blake doubted Gage knew he was a wolf. That would not go over well, and since he was off his own territory, he’d keep that to himself. If this man turned on him, he wouldn’t stand a chance in this foreign forest.


“Turn around and brace the wall.”
Gage followed the command, placing his palms on the cool rock wall of his cave. The gray, irregular stone reminded him that this was his home, and life would go on regardless. If Blake left after the sex or after finding his buried box, that was fate. He couldn’t whine and cry over the loss because he believed in destiny, no matter how cruel.
“Good. Very good. Now hold still.” Blake painted a trail down his spine with a fingertip, making him shiver. Then he whispered in his ear, “You’ll need to be a man for this, baby. Don’t wuss out on me.”
What would it feel like to have another man’s cock in his ass? As much as he wanted it, craved it, he was still apprehensive. Blake was well endowed, and he’d fill every inch of Gage’s ass. “I want it,” he finally admitted.
Blake growled his approval, gently biting along his shoulder from behind. Mark me. The feeling came out of nowhere, but it was more powerful than a midnight storm. “Good boy.” Blake kissed every spot he’d nipped, his hands smoothing down his sides, securing him in place. “Do you feel that?”
He could feel the smooth head of Blake’s cock between the crack of his ass. It excited him, a violent rush of excitement flowing through him from head to toe. The cave felt too small, the air suffocating. An energy he’d never known built up in his balls, his cock growing harder than the rocky surfaces around him.
“Of course you do. Tell me you want this, Gage. Tell me and I’ll fuck you proper.”
The sound of his name on Blake’s lips sounded like erotic music. He savored the sound and the thrill of what was to come. “Yes. Show me everything you know.”
Blake chuckled, a deep masculine sound that echoed around them. “That will take longer than a day, I assure you. But you’ll enjoy yourself none the less.”
He pressed forward, impaling his virgin ass with his cock. Gage clawed the rock wall, grinding his teeth together as he accepted the hard length. His ass burned as Blake’s erection fought for entrance, but it was a unique pain, with the promise of pleasure. He wanted this, had for longer than he could remember. A male, one he was undeniably attracted to, had shown interest in him. Why, he wasn’t sure. Like Sterling had said, Gage was nothing to covet.
“You’re tight, bear. So fucking tight.” Blake’s hands tightened on his hips. He could feel his breath against his neck, his chest against his back. He had the sense of acceptance, warmth, and unrelenting lust. Blake reached around and began to stroke his cock. He exhaled in a great rush, not realizing how desperately he needed to be touched. The dual stimulation created a whirlwind inside him. The pressure grew and grew until reality slipped away. All that remained was the cock in his ass and a rough hand around his dick.
“Oh, gods…”
Blake was fully seated, the entire length of his large cock buried in his ass. He’d gone so slowly. Gage barely realized he’d filled him completely. Gage tightened around him, getting accustomed to the stretching, the fullness. “Good.”
“Tell me if I hurt you,” he said. “I’ll try to go easy.” Blake kissed his back. As he gradually began to thrust, he licked and sucked his shoulder. He could feel the scrape of his fangs and wondered if the other shifter would dare to mark him. Males didn’t mate one another in his world. But deep down, he didn’t want anything more. He would love to be desirable enough for a man like Blake to want to claim him, to keep him forever. But Gage was the alpha. It was up to him to make that move.
Gage could feel every inch of the cock sliding in and out of his ass, creating delicious friction. The longer they continued, the more his discomfort dissipated, replaced by a heady lust. Thousands of cells sparked to life, making him gasp for air. How much pleasure could a man take?
“Fuck yourself,” Blake demanded as he thrust harder. He could feel the sweat on his skin creating a slickness between them. “Come on, baby, do it.”

Monday, May 21, 2012

Guest Blogger: Alex Bowman

 Today I have talented new MM author, Alex Bowman joining me. His new release is out today and it looks like a keeper! You can pick up your copy at Evernight for 15% off or other retailers like Amazon Kindle, All Romance Ebooks and Bookstrand.

Check out the scorching excerpt below!

The Soul Collectors, 1

Discarded most of his life, Jamie had learned as a teen that he was a Soul Collector, one of a mysterious group who fought the demons that attacked fellow humans.  Cast out into the world, alone, the orphan fought hard to find his way, ending up in a seminary of all places.  But chastity wasn’t a problem. He had no time or trust for relationships, let alone love.

Ios felt protective of the Soul Collector, the one the prophecy claimed would one day be his mate.  Following the human for years, Ios had done everything he could to ensure his safety without stepping out of the shadows.  He also held his lust in check, knowing Jamie would never accept him.

The time was upon them to join forces.  Could Jamie handle who and what Ios was, and trust the growing feelings between them before it was too late?

 Be Warned: m/m sex


“So did you?”
“Did I?”
“Know I was yours the moment you saw me?”  Jamie pinned him with a look of lust he’d never quite seen flash on the man’s face before.
Mine.  Ios’s felt the rush of need spiral through him with such force that it nearly took him to his knees.  His cock thickened and he felt his balls tighten.  His whispered “Yes…” floated on the air, his body trembling with the hard-won control to stand in place and not cross the room and force the human to the floor under him.
“I don’t know that I believe in fated lovers, predetermined to find one another.”
“I’m not asking you to believe in anything.”  Ios believed enough for the both of them.  
“I will admit, there is something…”  
Something?  “What?” He needed Jamie to say it, that he wanted Ios.  Needed Ios.
Jamie’s face flamed and he glanced down, apparently unable to put the emotions he felt into words.
Fuck it.  Control is overrated.
Ios stomped across the small space, grasped Jamie’s head in his hands and pressed his lips against the smoldering heat of the human’s mouth.  Swallowing the gasp of pleasure, he thrust his tongue into Jamie’s mouth and tasted the ale left lingering there, as well as the heat and taste of his male.
When he felt Jamie’s hands spreading across his chest and moving down his stomach, he tightened his whole body, needing for the hands to venture further south, needing the male to show him that he wanted more through his exploration.  As warm hands rubbed against his hardened cock through his jeans he could have shouted in joy.  He deepened the kiss, pressing his hips forward, languishing in the caress from his male.
Ripping the shirt open, baring Jamie’s chest, the tinkering of buttons hitting the stone floor echoed around him.  Ios spread his fingers along the hard muscles before him.  Jamie removed the shirt, dropping it to the floor.  The material puddled around his feet and Ios wanted more to follow.  His shaking fingers pulled at the belt buckle Jamie wore, and he tugged at the leather, not wanting to remove his lips from the human’s.
Pulling back, he was afraid the moment would be lost if he could not keep Jamie in a frenzy.  His need was too great.  He could not be denied this time.  Ios would have the male now, or he would explode.
Warm hands steadied his.  “Let me.”
Jamie gazed into his eyes, slowly removing the belt and dropping it to the floor.  His hands then went to the top of his pants and he unbuttoned them.  The slow pull of the zipper reminded him that he was overclothed as well.  Ios removed his t-shirt in a flash and kicked off his shoes.  By the time his pants were gone, Jamie also stood naked.  
His hands ached to touch the male, to explore every single inch of flesh he had to offer up for his inspection.  Jamie was beautiful.  Small, firm muscles curved over his slim build, his skin nearly unmarred.  The wound in his chest was no longer visible.
A small smattering of blond hair started below his belly button and thickened as it surrounded his jutting cock.  Fully erect, it stood proud against his stomach, a pearl of fluid shining at the tip of the purple head.  Thick veins spread along the shaft and Ios’s mouth watered to taste the flesh.  Dropping to his knees before his human, he got a closer look at what the male had to offer.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hop Against Homophobia!

I started writing MM romance less than a year ago. I wanted a writing challenge and never expected to fall so in love with the genre. There is such powerful emotions involved, societal issues, and plenty of hotness.

Love is beautiful in every form. It's hate that's ugly.

 My newest MM romance is now on pre-order if you want to check it out.

AVAILABLE: Friday, May 25th

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA]

Blake feels lost after his best friend settles down with a mate. They were both initiated into the Marcelle wolf pack as orphans, but now it’s only Blake without a past or future. He has a spark of hope when his alpha mentions a buried box that could contain the answers he seeks.
The only problem—the box is deep in bear territory.

When Gage meets a foreign bear near his bathing pond, he’s immediately attracted to the dark-haired stranger. They engage in a passionate love affair, only to question their relationship when the lust settles. Blake’s different customs continually rouse Gage’s suspicions. Is he a human, bear, or a wolf trespassing on their land?

Can an alpha bear and wolf bridge the gap in their worlds for the sake of love? Will the contents of the buried box bring them closer or tear them apart?


Monday, May 14, 2012


Nathan is forced to flee to the northern forests to escape the urban development. When he stumbles across wolf shifter territory, the young fox is forced into hiding. The wolves prowling the forest would want nothing better than to exterminate him and his family. His entire life is a struggle, being the lowest regarded race amongst shifters.

Jacob is a proud member of the Marcelle Wolf Pack. Their main goal is to protect and expand their rule over the forests. No mercy. No weakness. When he discovers the sexy blond he fell for at the local bar is actually a fox, his world tilts off its axis. Nathan brings out his protective instincts, and for once he can see a future beyond his duty to the pack.

But Jacob's alpha condemns their mixed race mating, forcing them apart. Will Jacob choose love or loyalty to his pack?