Thursday, May 26, 2011

Release Day!!

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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, sex toys, light BDSM]

James doesn't know how he'll survive a road trip with Jet Cartwright. The cowboy drifter has been his wet dream for years, and keeping his true feelings hidden takes a herculean effort.

Jet travels the rodeo circuit and handles horse trading for busy ranchers. Settling down never crossed his mind—until he meets James, a mix of innocence and raw sex appeal. Jet quickly learns that he's willing to give up his ways for the young blond.

Will James be able to come clean with his feelings? Will Jet be able to show the younger man the many pleasures of the flesh, and will that be enough?


After he dropped the metal ramp with an echoing boom, he plucked off his cowboy hat long enough to drag his hand through his tousled hair. Jet stared up at the sky, tracking the movement of the sun and clouds. James only watched with awe and respect of such a traveled, experienced cowboy.

“Clouds are rolling in fast now. I’d say we best hurry on our way. There’ll be a rainstorm tonight, a good one.” James believed every word. When his father said there’d be rain, it always arrived as promised whether the weatherman agreed or not.

James followed Jet into the narrow confines between the horses, patting the nervous Arabian on the rump before passing. Jet’s back was toned to perfection. James wanted to reach out and trail his hand down the length of his backbone. Fuck, Jet even had a nice ass, hard and round, filling out his jeans in an unholy way. “Do your tattoos mean anything?” he asked when they reached the end of the metal trailer.

“Hope you’re not considering getting one yourself.” Jet turned and leaned against the metal, sighing and closing his eyes briefly. The cool metal would be a sharp relief from the stifling humid heat in the trailer. “You have a beautiful body. I’d hate to see it marked up.”

A beautiful body? Did men normally talk this way to each other? Jet was one hundred percent alpha-male goodness, so it must be politically correct to compliment another man. “I think your ink makes you look even hotter.” James bit his lower lip after he spoke, regretting his choice of words. The way Jet froze and stared into his eyes spoke volumes to the inappropriate nature of his comment. Perhaps only real men could say such things, not young questionable farm boys like James. Those with an openly gay brother.

“You think I’m hot?” Jet found humor in this, smirking as he rubbed his hand over his tat.

James swallowed hard. Why couldn’t Jet put his shirt back on? The distraction was making it difficult to maintain his charade.

“Go on,” he coaxed. “I know you want to touch it.”

He had no idea the things James wanted to do. His mind was a playground of unsavory and lewd acts he’d like to partake in with the older man. But he did need to touch Jet. He reached out without being prodded and flattened his palm over the other man’s shoulder. His skin was so warm and firm. He traced the pattern of the scrollwork down his arm, disappointed when he reached unmarked flesh. “I like it,” he whispered, not trusting his full voice to crack.

“Do you like me?” Jet used a curved finger under James’s chin to raise his vision from the trailer floor to meet his gaze. “Don’t play games with me, James. Do you like me?”

“Yes.” Fuck, he’d gone and said it. But he liked his parents, his brothers, his friends. There was no shame in admitting he liked Jet, right? But he didn’t just like the man, he craved him, desired him to the point of insanity. His cock grew impossibly stiff, lust and nerves combining together in an oddly erotic experience.

“Then really touch me.” Jet’s lips were parted, his eyes half mast, clearly mirroring his pent-up lust. Could it be true? James was still terrified this was all a misunderstanding or possibly a test planned by his father. But not going along with the invitation was not an option at this point. Boldness took over. James placed his hand on Jet’s pec, squeezing slightly. His body felt hard and edible. He wanted to sink his teeth into the thick muscles and trail his tongue down those ripped abs.

“James, you’re not being a good boy.” Jet grabbed his wrist and brought it down past his belt line. When the other man pressed his hand against the dominant bulge in his jeans, James gasped aloud. No more guessing games. Jet wanted him in carnal ways. How could such a hard-core cowboy be gay? It went against everything he was taught. If Waylon and Jet liked men, then maybe James was normal, too. “Feel that? That’s what you do to me.”

“I didn’t know.” Pressure began to build in his balls as heat radiated through his body. His urge to kiss the other man overwhelmed him.

“You ever suck a man’s dick, James?”

His face heated, and he pulled his hand away as if he’d been scalded. “No!” Even though they were being open and honest, he’d been brainwashed to find disgust in such talk.

“That’s right. You’ve never been with a man before, have you? I like that. You’ll be mine. Just for me.” The deep, authoritative tone of Jet’s voice had James ready and willing to submit, to be owned and dominated by this rugged cowboy.


Jet gently spread James’s ass cheeks apart and admired the tight puckered rosette. He wanted to bend over and lick the cute little virgin hole but went to work by drizzling a line of lube down James’s crack. Jet kneaded his firm, muscled ass as he inched closer and closer to his target. When he ever so slowly inserted one finger into the tight entrance, James moaned and clenched down tight around his digit. The man’s body tensed, not unusual for one so inexperienced. Jet compensated, keeping his finger lodged in the man’s ass while reaching around to stroke his erection.

James groaned and loosened up. Jet pumped the hard shaft while circling his ass with his finger to stretch the unforgiving anal ring. He continued the sequence—pumping and circling while wiggling his finger. Next he inserted a second. “Push against me, James. Don’t tighten up.” Too bad he didn’t have his toys handy. He couldn’t peel himself away from James to grab the little bag in the backseat. Later. “Your ass is tight, baby. You’re gonna feel so good around my dick.”

“I can’t stop it, Jet. I’m gonna come.”

Jet pulled his hand away from James’s cock. “Not yet, sweet thing. I haven’t even deflowered you yet.” He aimed his rigid erection at James’s asshole and thrust forward in a steady, smooth motion. The young cowboy gritted his teeth loud enough to hear, his fists so tight the knuckles were white. “Relax. Take my cock in your ass. Feel it filling you, stretching you. The pressure won’t last, I promise.” The muscles in James’s back shifted with his rapid breathing and squirming. Such a beautiful, toned body.

James grunted once Jet was fully seated, balls deep in his ass. Jet stilled, allowing the cowboy time to adjust, to become accustomed to having a big dick penetrating him.

“If you promise not to come, you can stroke your dick. It’ll help you relax. Can you do that?”

James nodded and reached one arm down between his body and the truck bed. The thick muscles in his shoulder and arm went to work as he rapidly pumped his shaft. “I’m going to start fucking you now,” he warned. After pulling his dick out, he pistoned back in, back and forth in long, languid strokes. Jet was in heaven, watching his cock emerge and disappear into the tight ass over and over.

When James moaned, an erotic plea, Jet knew he’d crossed the line from pain into pleasure. He gripped the young man’s hips and pumped his cock in and out of his ass in firm, rapid movements. As the minutes passed, James wriggled against him, meeting him thrust for thrust. “You’re mine, James. Your ass is mine. Your cock is mine. Tell me it’s true.”

James only moaned each time he exhaled, too far gone for speech. Jet froze. “Answer me, baby. Tell me your cock and your ass belong to me.”

“Yes!” James panted. “I’m yours. You own my cock and my ass.”