Monday, December 12, 2011

Release Day!! Alpha Mate is Now Available

ALPHA MATE (Northern Shifters, #1)

Nathan is forced to flee to the northern forests to escape the urban development. When he stumbles across wolf shifter territory, the young fox is forced into hiding. The wolves prowling the forest would want nothing better than to exterminate him and his family. His entire life is a struggle, being the lowest regarded race amongst shifters.

Jacob is a proud member of the Marcelle Wolf Pack. Their main goal is to protect and expand their rule over the forests. No mercy. No weakness. When he discovers the sexy blond he fell for at the local bar is actually a fox, his world tilts off its axis. Nathan brings out his protective instincts, and for once he can see a future beyond his duty to the pack.

But Jacob's alpha condemns their mixed race mating, forcing them apart. Will Jacob choose love or loyalty to his pack?



“Good thing I came out with you,” he said.
Nathan leaned back against the brick wall. Jacob faced him with one arm braced at the side of his head. The subtle glow from the moon reflected in his light eyes.
“It’s pretty pathetic when a male needs another one to safely escort him across a fucking parking lot.”
“Personally, I find it adorable. It’s also perfectly acceptable if I’m courting you.” He trailed a finger along Nathan’s sculpted jawline. The man was gorgeous, a dirty-blond Adonis. “There’s nothing wrong with one man caring for another. I know I’m attracted to your vulnerable side as much as your strength.”
“Vulnerable isn’t a positive thing. Not in our world.”
“Let me take care of you, Nathan. Give me a chance.” He dropped his head to his neckline, inhaling deeply. The man even smelled perfect, as if he’d been made for him. Was this fate at work? Was this stranger dropped into his life for a reason? He shouldn’t be making promises he couldn’t keep, but his mouth wouldn’t shut up. Jacob wanted to claim Nathan, mark him, make him his.
He received no verbal response, but Nathan’s heartbeat began to increase, his breathing heavier. The mix of the moon overhead, the alcohol, and raw sex appeal between them created an intimate bubble of time and space. When Nathan’s hand reached up and gently tested the muscles of his pec, his cock began to thicken. It took just that one move, that small confirmation that he wasn’t out of place with his advance for him to take things further.
“I haven’t been with a man in over a year,” he confessed. Jacob hoped the truth would shed some light on the level of his desperation and his slipping self-control.
“It’s been longer for me. A lot longer.”
He dared to take another step by brushing his lips over Nathan’s. He savored the connection, the texture of his lips, and the feeling of coming home. They kissed—deeply, passionately. “I could eat you alive,” he murmured against his mouth. He couldn’t stop partaking, tasting, exploring with his tongue. Nathan never pulled back, but kissed him back with equal fervor as if they’d been waiting a lifetime for each other.
“You’re a big, bad wolf. Should that scare me?”
“I’d never hurt you, baby. I just wanna eat your cock.” Saying the words out loud was Jacob’s moment of no return. He had to have the man, to taste him, fuck him, anything to bring them closer.
“It was a turn-on when you stood up for me like you did,” Nathan confessed. “No one’s ever done that for me before.”
“If you were mine, I’d kill for you. You’d never have to worry about the bogeyman again.” He began to unbutton Nathan’s jeans, finding no resistance. When he’d unfastened him completely, he crouched down in front of his legs and freed his cock. The other shifter was fully erect and well-endowed for his body size. The skin on his penis was darker than the rest of him, and the thatch of dark brown hair at his groin was nearly concealed by all the shadows. He took a tentative lick of the broad cock head. Nathan shuddered, his whole body going weak for a moment until he steadied himself. Jacob braced the man’s body with his hands.
“You okay, baby?”
Nathan nodded rapidly.
“Hold my shoulders,” Jacob instructed before opening his mouth to take in the beautiful length of cock. His flesh was warm and silky against his tongue. It had been so long since he could enjoy another man, to participate in these illicit acts. Everything was about duty, protection, as if they were living robots with one mission and no need for emotion or pleasure. But Jacob had more locked up in him than responsibility for his pack. He had needs, dreams, desires, and ambitions. This young shifter brought all those dormant feelings to the surface, made him yearn for what was denied to him.
“You have no idea how good that feels.” Nathan began to work his hips, slowly thrusting into Jacob’s eager mouth. He sucked him hard, working his length with his tongue. The darkness of night, the cool northerly breeze, the potential for being spotted—it all added to the eroticism.
He began to build up a rhythm, fucking Nathan’s cock with his mouth, taking him down his throat in smooth, steady strokes. The deep guttural sounds his lover made spurred him to take more.

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