Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great Review for LOVING TYLER!!

Book Reviewed by J9 (reviewer)

LOVING TYLER is a spicy but emotional contemporary M/M romance involving a rugged rodeo cowboy and a city professional. I really liked the characters, the plot, and the spicy relationship in this story and recommend it to anyone who also enjoys good GLBT romance.

Tyler is an out and proud cowboy who rides the rodeo circuit. He uses other men and sex to avoid dealing with his emotional baggage and has no intention of changing his drifter lifestyle. But Tyler's plans change when a saddle company, Cavendish, sends Marcus to woo Tyler into a sponsorship agreement with them.

Marcus has barely acknowledged his own sexuality to himself when he meets Tyler who refuses to allow him to hide any longer. While Marcus wrestles with his doubt that Tyler can ever settle down, Tyler's past is catching up with him and force the couple to fight for their relationship.

I adored both Tyler and Marcus. I was pleasantly surprised that Tyler was the out and proud gay character on the rodeo circuit but the author made it realistic and believable. I love Tyler's forceful personality who throws himself into life, uncaring that he may get knocked around. Marcus too is a special character in that he's lived a self-restrained existence until Tyler blows in. I think the author did a great job describing how different their lives are: Marcus is a germ-a-phobe and Tyler often sleeps in his truck; Tyler is sexually experienced and Marcus is a virgin; Marcus has a large Italian family and Tyler is a lone tumbleweed.

But the beauty of this story is no matter how different the men are, underneath they both desire a physical and emotional connection to each other. While the sexual intimacy is easy for the men, the emotional intimacy is what this story is really about. The author didn't rush the relationship development and the results were wonderful.

The plot of Tyler's past added an element of intrigue and suspense but didn't overwhelm the romance. I won't spoil the mystery of it but it was borderline soap opera-ish but given that this is a clear fictionalized romance story, even that worked well. Plus, it allowed Marcus to really show his unwavering love and commitment to Tyler--something Tyler desperately needed.

LOVING TYLER is a great M/M contemporary western. The romance was the focus of this spicy love story and I rooted for both Marcus and Tyler to have their happily ever after. Other fans of GLBT will be just as engaged in this good story.

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